“The human condition is a theme that artists have studied for centuries, but it is rare to find one who can successfully explore existence in a way that is elegantly simple and profound — Redvers is one of those musicians”. (http://www.bestnewbands.com/album-reviews/redvers-truth-silence/)

Hailing from Australia, Redvers – AKA Justin Gill – debuted his first album “Truth In Silence” in 2014, the same year he received dual citizenship to the UK. With passport in hand, a ticket to the UK was purchased and he left for literally greener pastures in rural England.  

Whilst trying to make ends meet in a brand new homeland, music had to take a back seat, despite having completed the recording of his second album on the eve of his debut release! So with album number two in temporary mothballs, Redvers established a new life in the UK and promises new music in the not too distant future.

Asked about the new music, Redvers said, “I want to take album number two that I recorded in San Francisco in 2014 and present it in an almost double album style with new music from my years of experience having lived abroad. England has certainly challenged me with many ups and downs, social and political observations, but through it all immense growth. I’m really excited about the prospects of writing new music with four years of experiences and the beautiful English countryside to serve as inspiration”.

An exciting prospect indeed!!  

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